Motorbikes and Pizza!

So the last couple of days have been a hot mess and I haven’t been in the mood to write anything at all. Vietnam was having me wanting to go home but after today, things will be getting better.

So what happened was we were promised that we would not be working at the hotel in departments and when we arrived, that’s all we did for three days. It was so discouraging because the work they had us all doing was work that could not be done in just English. Between the four of us, we had jobs in the Front Office, Recreation/Beach Club, and Food & Beverage. It quickly became depressing when our employees did not even want us there. We felt like we were in the way. They would laugh at me and say “new girl”. It was terrible. So we addressed the issue because we originally were promised a big part of setting up the future internships and working hand-in-hand with the Hospitality school at the hotel. After today’s meeting with the GM of the hotel, I think we are all on the same page (you quickly learn that people here do not know how to communicate- they will not even tell their boss if there is an issue).

So, today is a new page!

We did something adventurous and brave today: we all rented motorbikes and had our first try at driving in insane traffic norms here in Vietnam. It’s not like the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City, however, driving here is a heck of a lot different than in the States. Wow! So you can cross over the double solid lines between both sides of the boulevard here to get around other motorbikes. Like what?! It’s the scariest thing but after about 10 minutes, it’s not that difficult to get in the swing of things. I actually tipped mine over the first time when I underestimated the amount of room I needed to do a U-turn. No big deal and a Vietnamese man helped me pick it back up. I think they have a general understanding that foreigners don’t understand their ways here. We’re all quickly learning how things go though and it’s quite interesting. We’re learning. It takes time. They all know that so that’s good.

And we all had pizza!! Like real NY style pizza at this place down the street from us called David’s Pizza.  For about $5 each, we all ordered small personal pizzas (6 slices each) that helped us get our home-feeling fix. It was a nice time to get out of the hotel, drive motorbikes like the locals do, and have food that brought the feeling of home to us. The seaside here is gorgeous and we can’t wait to explore more of the city tonight!

Love & Light!


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